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MATH 20C (Lecture C) Spring 2015
Calculus for Science and Engineering III


Rayan Saab
Office: AP&M 5157
Office Hours:
MW 4:00-5:00 pm (or by appointment)

Teaching Assistants:

Luvreet Sangha

Sections (Thursday):
C01 at 2pm
C02 at 3pm
C03 at 4pm
C04 at 5pm

in HSS 1128A

Office: AP&M 6434
Office Hours: Tuesday 2-4 and Friday 1-3.

Xiudi Tang

Sections (Thursday):
C05 at 6pm
C06 at 7pm

in HSS 1128A

Office: AP&M 5412
Office Hours: Thursday 3-5 pm

Jacob Postema

Sections (Thursday):
C07 at 7pm
C08 at 8pm

in HSS 2150

Office: AP&M 5412
Office Hours: Thursday from 3-4 (in the Calc Lab) and from 4-5 (in APM 5412).


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