CSE 167 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Fall 2004.   Univ. of California, San Diego


Due Dates, Lecture Topics & Readings in the Textbook:
The calendar will be updated on a regular basis.
The schedule is subject to changes announced in class.
Tuesday Thursday
Week 0
  First day of class. Introduction. 
Polygonal modeling. glBegin, glVertex*, glEnd.
Reading: Buss, Chapter 1.
Week 1
9/28 & 9/30
Animation.  Transformations in 2D.
glTranslate*, glRotate*, matrix operations
Reading: Buss pp.17-26.
Homogenous coordinates and matrix representations.
"Pseudo" Opengl Tranformations for 2D.
Reading: Buss pp 27-34.
Week 2
10/5 & 10/7
3D Transformations. Matrix representations. Homogeneous coords
OpenGL commands for 3D transformations.
Reading: Buss pp. 34-40.  Homework #1 given out.
Rotation matrix. Points at infinity.
The graphics pipeline, in more detail.
Reading: Buss pp. 41-47.   Quiz #1: 2D transformations
Week 3
10/12 & 10/14
Graphics pipeline, flat vs smooth shading. Interpolation of color.
Hidden surface algorithms.  Orthographic transformations. 
Reading: Buss, pp. 12-13, 17-18, 46-48.  Project #1 due midnight.
Perspective view transformations. 
Interpolation of depth.  Pseudo-depth.
Reading: Buss, pp. 49-53.  Quiz #2: 3D transformations
Week 4
10/19 & 10/21
glPerspective, glFrustum. Project #3.
Transformations review.  Reading: Buss, pp. 54-57.
Project #2 due by midnight.
Shadows. Floating point perils. Bresenham algorithm.
Beginning of Phong lighting.
Reading: Buss, pp.53-54, 58-70. Quiz #3: More transformations
Week 5
10/26 & 10/28
Phong Lighting.  Mathematical theory.
Reading: Buss, pp. 68-75.
Project #3 due midnight. Transformation review, Wed. eve.
Gouraud vs Phong interpolation.  Normals.
Parametric and  Level surfaces.  OpenGL commands for lighting.
Reading: Buss, pp. 75-87.
Week 6
11/2 & 11/4
Remaining OpenGL commands for lighting.
Linear interpolation.  Inverting linear interpolation.
Reading Buss, pp. 82-87, 99-102.  Review session, 7:00pm.
Midterm Exam.
Covers through page 80 of the textbook.
Week 7
11/9 & 11/11
Barycentric coordinates.  Area formula, inverting.
Bilinear interpolation.  Reading: Buss, pp. 102-108.
Project #4 due by midnight.
Veteran's Day.  No class
Week 8
11/16 & 11/18
Texture Maps.  Billboards. Texture Coordinates.
Mipmapping.  OpenGL commands for textures.
Reading: Buss, selected parts of Chapter 5.
Stochastic supersampling.  Jittering.
Environment Mapping. Bump mapping.
Reading: Buss, rest of Chapter 5.  Homework #3 online.
Week 9
11/23 & 11/25
Perspective correction. Affine combinations. Color.
Trichromatic, opponent theories. Additive, subtractive. RGB, HSL.
Quiz #4:  Interpolation (linear, barycentric, bilinear).
Thanksgiving.  No class.
Week 10
11/30 & 12/2
Begin Bezier curves. Final project due at midnight.