Project #3 -Math 155A - Student: Tim Wheeler


    This project has me render the revolved surface generatd by sin(x)/x, where x is the 
radial distance. This was accomplished using a triangle fan for the center for the "sombrero", 
using the precomputed vector 0,0,1 as the value for x = 0.  Then I repeatedly render outwards, 
storing points generated radially so that I can properly connect back to the previous inner
iteration.  The result is a smoothly connected shape without floating point round-off disjucntions.

    For my initial, 'T', I rendered a shape using quad strips.  A rotation was modeled using a circle centered
in the negative x direction, with radius r.  This radial distance was changed in order to produce an animation.
The top bar was simply a section of the circle.

List of figures