Project #3 -Math 155A - Student: Masashi Omori


This is a page to display Project#3 for Math155A taken in Winter 2012. 
The project consisted of making the first letter of our name out 
of solid objects and creating a sombrero ( or hat) modeling 
the function sin(x)/x.
The letter M was made by scaling spheres into ellipsoids 
and placing spheres at points where the ellipsoids would’ve
coincided.  The animation is similar to a merry-go-round.  
The right and left most legs rotate to switch places, then the 
diagonal two legs and then the top right and left spheres.  
The sombrero was created using a quad_strip and a triangle_fan. 
The sin(x)/x function was parameterized to <r/5*sin(theta),sin(r)/r,r/5*cos(theta)> 
where theta is the angle of rotation from the axis and r
is the radial distance from the origin.  Majority of the
sombrero is connected using quad strips except for the 
center piece.  The top of the hat is made up of a triangle
fan with the center of the hat being the common point. 

List of figures