Project #4 - Math 155A - Student: Tansen Zhu


Pink sombrero with marshmallows roasting over a fire, with animated fire and smoke, plus rotatable skewer handle. Includes a red light at <-5,5,0> and two white lights at <0,5,0> and <5,5,0>. In addition, there are 3 lights within the fire that move along with the model as well as the E.C. spotlight at <0,5,-2> shining in the direction of <0.1,-2,1>.

Note: the sombrero's radius was accidentally 2*r for these images.

List of figures

Initial Run:

Angled, quadruple mesh count, wireframe mode off:

Red light (positional):

White light 1 (positional):

White light 2 (positional):

White light 2 (directional):


Firelight (different angle):


Spotlight (different angle):