Math 155B - Intro to Computer Graphics II - Winter 2005

Final Project (Project #6)

Overview:  For this assignment you will implement an independent project on a topic of your choosing.  The project should involve programming and/or scene design.

Due date: Monday, March 14, midnight.  
Grading deadline:
Wednesday, March 16.

Turn in: 

  1. Create and upload a web page that describes your project and its results.   Upload it to the final project upload page.
  2. Save your functioning source code in a folder Project6 in your ieng9 class folder.

What to do:  You may choose a project from a range of possibilities.  The four items below are only suggestions.  The total amount of effort for the project should be approximately 20 hours of work.     
        It is required that
you talk with Sam Buss or Jefferson Ng, no later than Friday, March 4 about what your project will be on.   ("Talking" via email is OK, but it is better to talk to me in person about it.)    Part of the credit for the assignment will depend on this.

  1. A ray-traced scene.   This should take advantage of distributed ray tracing, quite likely with new enhanced features for the final project.   Model an attractive scene.  Consider using Bezier surfaces.  Consider using textures or bump mapping.  Consider making a short ray-traced movie.
  2. Design and animate an articulated structure using inverse kinematics, especially with damped least square methods.     Possibly compare Jacobian transpose and damped least square methods.
  3. Make a geometric modeler that uses Bezier surfaces and adaptive recursive subdivision to triangulate a surface. 
  4. Design and write quaternion interpolation methods that allow a sequence of orientations to smoothly interpolated.   Write an interactive demo program for this.
  5. Design an interactive demo or game.

Grading:  Keep your code functioning on ieng9 until you are graded.  Deadline for grading, Wednesday, March 9.  Grading is based on the web page you upload, and on your discussions with Jefferson Ng or Sam Buss.   Grading will be by appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday of finals week.  Your web page should be sufficiently detailed that we can tell from just the web page what you have done.  The web page should include discussion of what you did and how you did, as well as discussion of any particular problems you encountered and successes you had.  The web page should also include pictures or screenshots from your program.   It should acknowledge any outside sources you used.
    Grading is based on technical content, on artistic merits, and on effort.