Math 155 - Winter 2000 - Mini-Programming Assignment #1

Programming Assignment #1: For this assignment you draw a Bézier curve and a Bézier surface..

Due date: Wednesday, January 19 (tentative).  It is expected that it will take you 1-3 hours to complete this assignment, not counting time spent understanding the mathematics of Bézier curves.  Please let me know if you go over the upper time estimate by very much.

Your assignment is to draw (a) a Bézier curve and (b) a Bézier surface, using OpenGL's built-in commands.  The curve and surface may be drawn in a single scene.  You should draw the scene with one or more lights and give the surface material properties that include specular reflections, showing that normals are correctly calculated. 
Suggestion: modify your old homework #3 from last quarter (LightTorus).  Keep the ability to rotate the scene so that you can verify that normals are correctly calculated.  Your program should support the following keystroke commands (or similar functionality):

For full credit, do one of the following

Your grade will depend on the functionality and overall attractiveness of your scene.