Math 155B - Winter 2001

Computer Assignment #2 - 3D Studio Max

Overview: In this assignment, you will learn some of the rudiments of 3D Studio Max.  Mostly you will work on your own, but you should discuss with me, or Malachi, any features in the tutorial handout you are not able to make work.

What you should do:

  1. Read and experiment with the 3D Studio Max tutorial.  You should do so concientiously, exploring features beyond what is explicitly mentioned in the tutorial.   The goal is to understand the principles of how 3D Studio Max works with geometries, splines, etc. 

  2. Create and save two 3D Studio Max images:  (a) At least two splined curves, one open and one closed ("closed" means the curve begins and ends at the same point).  (b) A Nurbs surface.

Grading:  To get credit for this assignment, you must (a) tell us that you have successfully completed the tutorial and (b) show the two scenes to me or Malachi to get credit for this assignment.  There will be no testing of your abilities to use 3D Studio Max, however.

Deadline for grading:  This should be completed and graded, not later than when you have the next assignment (#3b) graded.  That deadline is yet to be announced.