Math 155 - Computer Graphics
U.C. San Diego - Winter 2001

Scheduling a time for HW #1 Grading

Your programming homework will be graded in an individual session with you and the grader (either Malachi Pust or Sam Buss).  You may come in during "drop-in" times, i.e., during the regular lab hours.  Or you may schedule a particular time by signing up on a sheet available in the lecture.  We ask that you use one of the drop-in times or scheduled slots if at all possible.

Homework #1: You should arrange to have your program graded by Wednesday, January 24.  We estimate it will take 5 minutes for your program to be graded.  This first homework will be scored with a maximum score of 40.

    Drop-in Times: Monday 12:20-1:45, January 22.
                              Tuesday 11:00-12:00 or 5:30-7:00, January 23.
                              Wednesday, 6:30-8:00, January 24.

    Scheduled times.  Starting Tuesday at 12:00, or at 7:00, or Wednesday at 8:00.  Please sign up in advance.