Math 166 - Academic Honesty Guidelines

        Every student is expected to conduct themselves with academic integrity.  Essentially this means that you should do your own work and not take credit for the work of others.

        Tests and quizes:  For this class you are not permitted any outside aid during tests and quizes.  In particular, you may not use the textbook, notes of any kind, or calculators during tests and quizes.

        Homeworks:  The purpose of homeworks is for you to learn the course material and learn the constructions that are important for the course.  As such, homeworks are an essential educational component of the course.  Many students find it helpful to consult with fellow students about homework, or even to work in study groups.  This kind of joint work can be helpful and is acceptable provided you are careful to always do your own homework.   Examples of permissable work include:  having a friend look over your work and point out errors, discussing the general method used to solve a  problem, and asking the TA or instructor for help.  Inappropriate activities include directly copying someone else's work or copying from homework solutions from old classes.  In the event that you are shown a solution to a homework (say if a fellow student or I or the TA shows you how to work a problem, or if you see a worked solution), then to write up your own solution, you should wait at least 20-30 minutes and then write up your answer without referring to the other solution.
        The purpose of the homework policy is for you to learn the material by internalizing the solutions as your own solutions --- directly copying another solution will not achieve this and will hurt you more than help you.

        Violations of academic integrity will be treated seriously.