Math 20F - Linear Algebra - Instructor: Sam Buss - Winter 2003

MATLAB Homework Assignments

Due Dates:  Watch this space for changing Matlab assignments (also will be announced in class).
        Matlab assignment for "Week 5" is now postponed, new due date is Tuesday, February 18. (Problems 3.M #1 and A.4.1 #6,7.)
        Due for February 25th: The "Week #6" assignment: Problems A.4.1 #16, A4.2 #6fghi.
        For March 4th: The assignment due this week is POSTPONED.  Next week, two assignments are due.
        For March 11th:  BOTH the "Week 7" and the "Week 8" assignment are due this day.
        For March 18th: The "Week 9" assignment is due --- turn in at office hours, or before the exam begins.

Getting started:
Here is an outline of how to login to the CLICS machines and run Matlab for Math20F work.
        If you have problems with your network password, check out these tips about logging in with your network userid.

        You can save Matlab workspaces, and Word documents, etc., into your My Documents folder.

Handing in work.
        Your TA is the final authority on what format your homework should be handed in, but here are my suggestions. 

            1. Cut and paste text information from MATLAB windows into a Word document.  Figures and plots can also be pasted into the Word document.
            2. Answer any questions asked in the problem, by typing into your Word document.
            3. Label your work clearly.  Include the problem numbers, and keep the problems in order (otherwise the grader will be confused and you won't get credit.)
            4. Put at the beginning of your Word Document, your name, ID and section time as in:

                        Name: Sam Buss
                        Student ID: a123456789
                        Tuesday section time:  1:00      <== this should be the time of your Tuesday section, and determines which TA will return your work to you.
                                                                            Please try to avoid changing your section time during the quarter (otherwise bookkeeping nightmares will ensue).

            5. Print your Word document, staple or clip as needed, and hand it in your Tuesday section meeting.