Math 217A - Spring 2002 - Assignment #1
due Wednesday, April 10

Goals: Learn simple features of drawing triangles and quadrilaterals in OpenGL.  Observe how animation can be used.  Write a small program to draw a 2D geometric figure.

Prerequisites: You should already have a course account and know the basics of compiling and running OpenGL programs.


  1. Download SimpleDraw (if you do not already have it).  Go to the same web page again, and follow the directions suggested there under "things to try out".   Make notes on what you observe. 
  2. Now go to the web page for SimpleAnim.  Download and run that program.  Then follow the directions on that page under "things to try out".
  3. Create a OpenGL program (for instance, by modifying SimpleDraw) that creates an image similar to the following.

output.jpg (17988 bytes)

Homework turn-in procedure:  You have two options for turning in your homework.  (1) Talk in person to me or Frank Chang, demonstrate your code and discuss the assignment.  Or (2), email me and Frank (, with a report of what you did.  For the email option, a long report is not needed, but you should at least 

  1. Say what parts of the assignments you did,
  2. Say how well anti-aliasing worked for you, and on what computer,
  3. Describe any problems or difficulties you encountered, 
  4. Do you understand how double buffering works?   Describe any other questions you have about how the programs work,
  5. Describe the algorithm used for you program in step #3, include the relevant code fragment as appropriate.