Math 217A - Spring 2002 - Final Project
Turn-in Instructions

Turn-in and demo instructions for the Final Project.

Turning in the final project consists of the following steps:

1. Making GIF's and JPEG's available, including a thumbnail GIF.   
2. If you have real-time executable to demo, please supply it as well.
3. Upload a simple web page that shows your JPEGs and/or allows people to download whatever files are appropriate for your project.
4. There are no firm requirements on what you must turn in, but we would like a couple GIF's or JPEG's that illustrate the important aspects of your project.  In many cases, you may wish to create more than two images, or may wish to turn in an executable file.

More details:

  1. Thumb nail GIF file must be named Thumb.gif.  Please follow the instructions on creating thumbnail GIF's in the handout on creating GIF files for turn in.  Note especially the instructions on the pixel size of the thumbnail!!

  2. There is a sample web page, which you may use as the basis for your web page.  With this simple web page, you create files named FirstGif.gif and  SecondGif.gif.    

  3. You may turn in executables or other materials.  (You do not need to turn in project files or source code.)   You may alter the web page as you wish, or design a completely new one.  All files for the web page should be in a single (flat) directory.  If you have doubts about whether executables will work for the demo, please also give us their location in your insci14 directory.

  4. Upload files by anonymous ftp to, directory /pub/sbuss/turnin217/ma217sXX/FinalProject.   Make sure the GIF and JPEG and executable files are uploaded in binary mode.

  5. Due date: Tuesday, 12:00, Finals week.  Late projects risk not being demo-ed at the Wednesday session.

  6. Student demo day: APM basement lab, Wednesday 10:00am,   Finals week.

  7. Grading:  We will try to evaluate your project during the demo session, but may need to talk with you afterwards to finish the evaluation.