Samuel R. Buss, Yijia Chen, Jörg Flum, Sy Friedman, and Moritz Müller.
    "Strong Isomorphism Reductions in Complexity Theory"
    Journal of Symbolic Logic 76, 4 (2011) 1381-1402.

    Download manuscript: PDF.

Abstract:  We give the first systematic study of strong isomorphism reductions, a notion of reduction more appropriate than polynomial time reduction when, for example, comparing the computational complexity of the isomorphim problem for different classes of structures. We show that the partial ordering of its degrees is quite rich. We analyze its relationship to a further type of reduction between classes of structures based on purely comparing for every n the number of nonisomorphic structures of cardinality at most n in both classes. Furthermore, in a more general setting we address the question of the existence of a maximal element in the partial ordering of the degrees.

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