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It's not really a lab, but more of a room. In fact, it's APM . This is a place for students who want extra help with their 3C/4C, 10ABC or 20ABC classes. The Calc Lab is staffed with math TAs and undergraduate tutors each weekday from roughly 8am to 5pm (see here for the current schedule). The Calc Lab is staffed from week 2 through 10 of each quarter, so make sure your students don't try to go the first week!

If you are scheduled to work in the Calc Lab, keep in mind the following:

  • Any student with a question about ABC level calculus deserves your attention, regardless of the class you are currently TAing. When you are in the Calc Lab, your job is ``calculus tutor,'' not ``TA for Math 20B'' (for example).
  • Your own students are, or course, welcome to request your assistance in the Calc Lab. However, by design the Calc Lab is a place of "equal opportunity" math help, so be sure to give non-students an comparable share of your time and attention.
  • The Calc Lab is a great place for students to work in groups and learn from each other. You should encourage this when appropriate.
  • Occasionally students from Math 18, Math 20DE or upper division courses will come to the Calc Lab looking for help. Officially the Calc Lab does not support these courses, and it is appropriate to politely inform them of that. That said, if there is no one else looking for help, of course you are welcome to help them.