Getting Started   >   Your Responsibilities

This department would not be able to operate without folks like you. This is because there's a lot of responsibility that goes along with being a TA. To put it briefly, you will help run the course.

To put it not-so-briefly, you will need to do the following things:

  • Hold discussion sections, which are 50 minutes each.
  • Hold office hours, during which time students can come in for more individual attention.
  • Prepare for office hours and sections by looking at the material and doing the homework ahead of time.
  • Act as a liaison between students and the professor.
  • Proctor and grade exams (and sometimes other assignments).
  • Enter scores and keep records.
  • (sometimes) Prepare solutions to be made available to students.
  • (sometimes) Maintain a course website.
  • (sometimes) Hold review sessions.

Of course, these duties will vary slightly depending on your professor, who is ultimately the captain of the class. More information on TA loads and time commitments is available here. The departmental document outlining all of your duties can be found here.