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Samir Canning

Email: srcannin at ucsd dot edu
Office: AP&M 6446

My name is Samir Canning. I am a first year Ph.D student in the department of mathematics at the University of California San Diego. Before moving to California, I got my B.A. in mathematics at Columbia University. Here is my CV

I am interested in algebraic geometry. Lately, I've been thinking about the Debarre-de Jong conjecture on the dimension of the Fano variety of lines on a hypersurface, or more generally a complete intersection.


I organize the student learning algebraic geometry seminar at UCSD

In Fall 2018, the topic will be Intersection Theory.

In Spring 2018, the topic was surfaces. See here.

In Winter 2018, the topic was the dimension theory of Noetherian rings. See here.


Starting Fall 2018, I will be organizing department tea time. Please let me know if you have any requests.

Starting Fall 2018, I will be volunteering to tutor refugee students at a local school.

In Spring 2018, I led five undergraduates through a course on algebraic curves as a part of UCSD's RTG in Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, and Number Theory.

Expository Papers


  1. Spring 2018, 20E Vector Calculus
  2. Winter 2018, 103B Abstract Algebra II
  3. Fall 2017, 18 Linear Algebra
  4. Spring 2017, Representation Theory of Finite Groups (Columbia)
  5. Fall 2016, Introduction to Modern Analysis I (Columbia)
  6. Summer 2016, Calculus II (Columbia)
  7. Summer 2016, Calculus III (Columbia)
  8. Spring 2016, Introduction to Higher Mathematics (Columbia)
  9. Fall 2015, Introduction to Modern Analysis I (Columbia)
  10. Summer 2015, Introduction to Modern Analysis I (Columbia)