Abelian Varieties, Fall 2018

Samir Canning,

The goal of this seminar is to read the book Abelian Varieties by David Mumford. Iacopo, Justin, Woonam and Samir will give lectures. We will cover roughly one section per week. The chosen topic should be of interest to algebraic geometers, algebraists, and number theorists alike. The prerequisites are the usual Hartshorne 2 and 3. In reality you will need less than this. It will be helpful if you read up on the cohomology and base change theorems.


  1. Refer all organizational issues to Samir Canning
  2. All updates will be made on this website.
  3. The talks are 1 hour and 20 minutes long.
  4. Time and place: Wednesdays, 10:00-11:20 at AP&M 5829
  5. First meeting: October 3rd. Everybody interested please attend.
The following list of lectures is tentative (especially the topics of the lectures). If you want to give a talk, email Samir Canning. Otherwise, Iacopo, Justin, Woonam, and Samir will give the lectures.

List of lectures:

  1. Oct. 3. Justin Lacini. Definition of Abelian Varieties
  2. Oct. 10. Jonathan Conder. Cohomology and Base Change
  3. Oct. 17. Jonathan Conder. Cohomology and Base Change Continued.
  4. Oct. 24. Samir Canning. Theorem of the Cube I.
  5. Oct. 31. Iacopo Brivio. Dividing Varieties by Finite Groups
  6. Nov. 7. Woonam Lim. The Dual Abelian Variety.
  7. Nov. 14. Woonam Lim. The Dual Abelian Variety Continued.
  8. Nov. 21. No Seminar (Thanksgiving)
  9. Nov. 28. Justin Lacini. Theorem of the Cube II.