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Math 121A

Foundations of Teaching and Learning Mathematics I
Winter 2018

ANNOUNCEMENTS: (most recent at top)  
  • (2-6-18) Here is a review outline for our midterm examination.

  • (1-6-18) Electronic Device Policy: Please do not use devices such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, or iPods during lecture or discussion section as they are usually very distracting to yourself and your classmates. If you need to use such a device for class related matters such as taking notes, please notify the professor or TA.

  • (1-6-18) Welcome to Math 121A! You can find your HW and exam scores on TritonED (formerly known as TED), so please check it regularly throughout the quarter.


PROFESSOR:   Dr. Laura Stevens
  • Email:  stevens [at] math [dot] ucsd [dot] edu
  • Phone:  534-5864
  • Office:  AP&M 5832 (5th floor annex)
  • Office Hours:  M 9:45-11:15am in AP&M B412,
    W 10:30-11:30am in AP&M B402A,
    Th 11-11:30am in AP&M 5832

  • Email:   yuc123 [at] ucsd [dot] edu
  • Office:  AP&M 2313
  • Office Hours:  M 2:00-2:45 pm and
    Th 1:30-2:10 pm

TuTh  9:30-11:50am, SOLIS 111


M  4:00-4:50pm, AP&M B412

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