1. Name
    1. The name of this organization shall be the Society for Undergraduate Mathematics Students—also referred as any of the following: SUMS; Society for Undergraduate Math Students; ∑s.
  2. Purpose
    1. The goal of SUMS is to unite math students under a social umbrella, to strengthen the relationship between students and professors, to provide information about careers, internships, and other opportunities in mathematics, and to explore mathematics in a fun, non–profit environment.
  3. Membership
    1. The membership of the organization shall be open to all registered UCSD full or part-time students, faculty, and staff interested in mathematics.
    2. A new member is considered active after attending at least two regularly scheduled meetings in a quarter, one event per quarter, and the annual Integration Bee planned and hosted by SUMS in the Spring Quarter.
    3. To retain active membership and voting priviledges, members cannot miss more than three regularly scheduled meetings per quarter.
    4. Excuses for absence must be sent to any Executive Board member(s) in any written form 23 hours prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. Any physical, mental, or medical emergency is exempt from this 24 hour requirement, but must be approved by an Executive Board member.
    5. The Executive Board will decided if an absence may be excused. An inactive member, in order to regain active status, must attend two meetings consecutively in the following academic quarter.
    6. All new student members must provide general contact information and expected graduation date.
    7. General contact info consists of the following: Name, expected graduation date, and email for updates on Meetings and SUMS activities.
    8. All new faculty or staff members may provide general contact information as stated above
  4. The Executive Board
    1. The organization shall have the following officers: President, Vice–President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian, and Advisor. These six officers constitute the Executive Board.
    2. Excluding the Advisor, SUMS must maintain a minimum of four SUMS Officers at any time throughout the academic year.
    3. The President shall schedule and chair all meetings, represent the organization before the University, schedule and chair all meetings of the Executive Board, act as liaison between SUMS and its advisor, and be responsible for overall SUMS planning.
    4. The Vice–President shall work with the President and assist the President in meetings and decisions, preside over meetings in the absence of the President, be in charge of organizing various committees for yearly events and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
    5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the organization, sign all vouchers along with the Advisor and the President for the withdrawal of funds form the SUMS account, prepare a budget to be approved by the Executive Board membership, keep a running record of all money handled, both incoming and outgoing, and present a report at all Executive Board Meetings.
    6. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the permanent records of organization, be responsible for recording, distributing and maintaining accurate and up–to–date lists of members, member addresses and telephone numbers, and record attendance, Officer Reports, and any new business discussed at each meeting.
    7. The Historian shall keep, collect, and preserve an accurate history of SUMS including, but not limited to, taking photographs and videos of events, and activities.
    8. The Advisor must be a full–time member of the UCSD faculty or administration. Selection of an Advisor is by mutual consent of the organization and the Advisor, and is subject to the approval of the administration through the Office of Student Activities. The Advisor shall be an ex–officio member, without a vote. The duties and the responsibilities of the Advisor shall be t orepresent the SUMS to the administration and the faculty.
    9. If there are any vacancies of any Officer positions, except the Advisor, then the responsibilities of the vacant position will be given to the Executive Board until the position is filled.
  5. Elections
    1. Elections shall be held in the month of May. The date of the election will be decided by SUMS, and all active members will be notified by the secretary at least two weeks before nominations.
    2. Officers–elect will take office at the next regularly scheduled meeting after the election.
    3. Upon proper nomination by members in good standing any member of The Club shall be considered as a nominee. A candidate must be nominated and that nomination must be seconded by a club member.
    4. The Executive Board of The Club is responsible for verifying the qualifications of a nominee if such qualifications are in doubt.
    5. Voting is only valid when a quorum is present.
  6. Removal and Succession of Officers
    1. Any officer who does not fulfill the responsibilities of his/her office may be removed. Impeachment proceedings may be started upon a petition of 25% of the total active membership of SUMS. Impeachment of any officer requires a 2/3 vote of those active present at a special meeting for which two weeks notice has been given. A quorum for this meeting will consist of 50% of the total membership.
    2. A member who fulfills the qualifications for the office may be elected to replace a removed officer. Standard electoral procedures must be followed.
  7. Amendments
    1. Any Active Member may propose an amendment to the constitution provided that the Member proposed the amendment at a regularly scheduled meeting at least two weeks prior to the date of amending, amendments must be passed by 3/4 vote of those present and voting. All amendments must be submitted in writing and approved by SUMS.