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I am a third-year PhD student in Mathematics at UC San Diego. I received my MS in Mathematics from UMass Amherst in 2013 and my BA in Mathematics from Pomona College in 2011. I am interested in Number Theory and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and I am currently learning Brazilian Portuguese.

Contact Information

Samuel Lind
Office: APM 6321
Email: swlind AT ucsd DOT edu
Office Hours: Tuesdays 9-11 in Calc Lab, 3-5 in APM 6321, and by appointment.

Current Teaching

To my students: Help me help you - I am invested in your success! Here is a fantastic website run by a computer scientist with lots of insightful, specific ideas about how to learn technical material. Math Stackexchange is another great resource for when you have questions.

Math 20B: Calculus for Science and Engineering II.

TA Reviews

Fall 2013 Math 20C
Winter 2014 Math 20B
Spring 2014 Math 20F
Summer I 2014 Math 20C
Fall 2014 Math 20B
Winter 2015 Math 142A
Spring 2015 Math 100C
Spring 2015 Math 104C
Fall 2015 Math 184A
Winter 2016 Math 20F
Winter 2016 Math 104B

Learning Portuguese

I am currently teaching myself Brazilian Portuguese. Here are some fantastically useful websites I have come across.

Duolingo, great for beginning and drilling vocab.
Jornal da Cultura , free half hour news show with very clear speakers.
Verbix , a site for verb conjugations.
Conversa Brasileira , they have a bunch of real life conversations with really helpful commentary. Great for learning conversational Portuguese.
Corpus do Portugues , this site takes some time to figure out but is well worth it. Great for those times when you don't know which preposition to use, and to figure out subtle connotations.
Conversation Exchange , for finding a penpal or speaking buddy online.
Linguee , a fantastic online dictionary complete with usage examples taken from real documents.
Hacking Portuguese, a website with many awesome tips and many more resources than I have listed here.