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Tom Grubb

Email: tgrubb[at]ucsd[dot]edu
Office: Applied Physics & Mathematics 6446
Mailing address: 3869 Miramar St. PO Box #2130, La Jolla CA 92092

I am a second year graduate student at UCSD. My interests are in algebraic aspects of combinatorics, number theory, and geometry. Currently I am focusing on aspects of arithmetic statistics in both the number field setting and in the setting of algebraic geometry over finite fields. During the Winter Quarter I am TAing for MATH 190, Introduction to Knot Theory, and MATH 187A, Introduction to Cryptography. My office hours can be found below. This page was last updated on 2/5/2019.

In 2016 I won a Goldwater Scholarship for my undergraduate research.

Here is a (not necessarily updated) copy of my CV.

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Here are some slides for various expository talks I have given. Who knows how helpful the slides are without the accompanying discussion/hand drawn diagrams, but perhaps they are interesting to someone.

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