• VAN WAMELEN, Paul Bastiaan, The CM Character of a Hyperelliptic Curve
    1994, Harold M. Stark (Chair)
  • VELASQUEZ, Elinor Laura, The Radon Transform on Finite Groups
    1991, Audrey A. Terras (Chair)
  • VINGE, Vernor S., Solutions to Extremal Problems in E[superscript P] Spaces
    1971, Stefan E. Warschawski (Chair)
  • VITYAEV, Andrei E., Complex Analysis and its Applications to Control Theory
    1996, Salah Baouendi (Chair)
  • VO, Kiem-Phong, Studies in Algorithmic and Bijective Combinatorics
    1981, S. Gill Williamson (Chair)

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