Math Thesis Archive

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Statement of Purpose
There are several reasons that motivated creating this archive. The first, and perhaps most important, is to allow current graduate students easy access to past dissertations. This helps students with their own research, since many students extend the work of previous graduates. Also, when available, Ph.D. candidates will have the original source code to use as a how-did-they-do-that-guide, when it comes to writing their own dissertation. And finally, this archive can be used as a resource for perspective students, showing undergraduates what kind of research has been done here in the past and what would be expected of them in the future.

Submitting Your Thesis
If you are a past graduate of the UCSD Mathematics Department and would like to submit your dissertation, you may contact us at At the very least, we would like to post the abstract from your dissertation as well as make the entire dissertation available to download in both PostScript and PDF formats. If you still have and would like to make your source files (TeX, AMS-TeX, LaTeX, etc.) available, then just send us that, and we can do the rest. Whatever you decide to submit will be greatly appreciated. In either case, make sure that you tell us what topic (See here for the list of topics) to file your thesis under.

If you decide to submit your source files, it may be helpful to "tar" them together, since you probably have more than one file to send. To do this, type the following command in UNIX:

	tar cvf leuler.tar leuler
assuming you have all the relevant files in a folder called "leuler". This will produce the file "leuler.tar", which you can attach to an email to send to us. Make sure to send us all the files needed for compiling purposes. Keep in mind that we already have the UCSD style files, so we won't need that.

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