Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation

  • BARCLAY, Alexander, SQP Methods for Large-Scale Optimization
    1999, Philip E. Gill (Chair) | Abstract | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • BENBOURENANE, Mohamed, The Hierarchical Basis Multigrid Method for Convention-Diffusion Equations
    1991, Randolph E. Bank (Chair)
  • BRAUNSTEIN, Jerome Gene, Composite Phase-One Methods for Linear Programming
    1993, Philip E. Gill (Chair)
  • FIERRO, Ricardo Damon, Collinearity and Total Least Squares
    1992, James R. Bunch (Chair)
  • GERTZ, Edward Michael, Combination Trust-Region Line-Search Methods for Unconstrained Optimization
    1998, Philip E. Gill (Chair)
  • LEBORNE, Richard C., Numerical Analysis of the A Posteriori Recursive Least Squares Lattice Prediction Algorithm
    1993, James R. Bunch (Chair)
  • LEONARD, Michael Wallace, Reduced Hessian Quasi-Newton Methods for Optimization
    1995, Philip E. Gill (Chair)
  • LUCIA, Ned F., A Center of Mass Method with Applications to the Solution of the Two-Dimensional Stokes Equations in a Channel
    1998, Randolph E. Bank (Chair)
  • MARCIA, Roummel, Primal-Dual Interior Point Methods for Large Scale Optimization
    2002, Philip E. Gill (Chair)
  • MUNOZ, Diego Rafael, Integration of Correspondences
    1971, Hubert Halkin (Chair)
  • POURCIAU, Bruce Hunter, A Generalized Derivative and Its Applications to Optimization Theory
    1976, Hubert Halkin (Chair)
  • SANTOS, Rafael B. N. Ferreira, Moving Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Convection-Diffusion Problems
    1990, Randolph E. Bank (Chair)
  • SHINNERL, Joseph R., KKT-Based Interior-Point Methods for Numerical Optimization
    1995, Philip E. Gill (Chair)
  • SORENSEN, Danny Chris, Updating the Symmetric Indefinite Factorization with Applications in a Modified Newtons Method
    1977, James R. Bunch (Chair)
  • SWEETSER III, Theodore Higgins, A Set-Valued Strong Derivative in Infinite Dimensional Spaces: With Applications in Hilbert Spaces
    1979, Hubert Halkin (Chair)
  • WELFERT, Bruno D., A Posteriori Error Estimates and Adaptive Solution of Fluid Flow Problems
    1990, Randolph E. Bank (Chair)

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