Representation Theory

  • COX, Ben Lewis, Algebraic Aspects of Representation Theory
    1990, Thomas J. Enright (Chair)
  • HUNZIKER, Markus, Harish-Chandra Systems on a Reductive Lie Algebra and the Zuckerman Functor
    1997, Nolan R. Wallach (Chair)
  • KEETON, Allan Gerald, Commuting Varieties Associated with Symmetric Pairs
    1996, Nolan R. Wallach (Chair)
  • WILLENBRING, Jeb F., Stability properties for $q$-multiplicities and branching formulas for representations of the classical groups
    2000, Nolan Wallach (Chair) | Abstract | PDF | PostScript |
  • WOESLER, Ulrich, Projective Modules and Extensions in the Category O for Rank two Kac-Moody Lie-algebras
    1995, Thomas J. Enright (Chair)

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