• CHENG, Henry, A Constructive Riemann Mapping Theorem
    Errett Bishop (Chair)
  • ELSON, Constance, An Extension of WeylÕs Lemma to Infinite-Dimensional Spaces
    John A. Holbrook (Chair)
  • GEVECI, Tunc, Differentiability of Minimal Surfaces at a Boundary Point
    Stefan E. Warschawski (Chair)
  • MUNOZ, Diego Rafael, Integration of Correspondences
    Hubert Halkin (Chair)
  • PARKER, George D., Applications of Morse Theory to the Topology of Certain Manifolds
    Theodore T. Frankel (Chair)
  • VINGE, Vernor S., Solutions to Extremal Problems in E[superscript P] Spaces
    Stefan E. Warschawski (Chair)

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