• BROM, James Dennis, Constructive Theory of Compact Operators
    Errett Bishop (Chair)
  • FEROE, John Albert, Newton-Kantorivich Methods in Nerve Axon Equations
    John W. Evans (Chair)
  • HOROWITZ, David Aaron, Exponentiation of Quadratic Inequalities
    Carl H. FitzGerald (Chair)
  • PARRISH, Christopher, Combinatorial Identities and Operator Calculus
    S. Gill Williamson (Chair)
  • REEDY, Christopher Leon, Homology of Algebras
    Donald Anderson (Chair)
  • THICKSTUN, Thomas Lusk, On Three-Dimensional Manifolds Which Are Suspension Spheres
    Donald Anderson (Chair)
  • WARNER, Daniel Douglas, Hermite Interpolation with Rational Functions
    Gragg (Chair)

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