• CANFIELD, Earl Rodney, Analysis of Sort/Search Algorithms
    S. Gill Williamson (Chair)
  • DE LAND, Paul N., Lp and Modulus of Continuity Estimates for Exponential Lipschitz Classes
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • GZYL, Cristina Betz, Some Results About Markov Processes On Subsets of the State Space
    Ronald K. Getoor (Chair)
  • GZYL, Henryk, Levy Systems of Time Changed Processes and a Variation on a Theme by Maisonneuve
    Ronald K. Getoor (Chair)
  • HUDSON, Kikuko Arai, Classification of SO(3)-Actions on Simply Connected Manifolds of Dimension Five
    David Golber (Chair)
  • LII, Keh-Shin, Density Estimation and Splines
    Murray Rosenblatt (Chair)
  • MALLEY, James David, Automorphisms of Finite Dimensional Algebras
    F. Flanigan (Chair)
  • PARK, Tae-Woo, Sobolev Type Inequalities and Path Continuity of Lp-processes with Multi-Dimensional Time Parameter
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • PROTTER, Philip Elliott, Existence, Uniqueness and Stability of Stochastic Integral Equations
    Ronald K. Getoor (Chair)
  • WEINSTEIN, Mills B., Sturm Transformations and Singular Perturbation Problems for Hyperbolic Differential Equations in Two Independent Variables
    Donald R. Smith (Chair)
  • WILLIAMS, Ronald James, Algebraic Structures Up to Homotopy
    Donald Anderson (Chair)

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