• BAILEY, Thomas T., Finiteness of simplicial function spaces
    Donald Anderson (Chair)
  • JONI, Saj-nicole A., Polynomials of Binomial Type: And the Lagrange Inversion Formula
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • MITRO, Joanna Burstein, Results for Markov Processes in Duality
    Michael J. Sharpe (Chair)
  • PALUSZNY, Marco, Homogeneous Conformal Manifolds
    Jay P. Fillmore (Chair)
  • SORENSEN, Danny Chris, Updating the Symmetric Indefinite Factorization with Applications in a Modified Newtons Method
    James R. Bunch (Chair)
  • WACHS, Michelle Lynn, Discrete Variational Techniques in Finite Mathematics
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)

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