• BORDER, James Samuel, Nonlinear Hardy Spaces and Electrical Power Transfer
    J. William Helton (Chair)
  • DAVIS, Richard Alan, Extremes of Stationary Processes
    Murray Rosenblatt (Chair)
  • DEYO, Roderic Carleton, Universal Trace Modules
    Helmut Rohrl (Chair)
  • KERR, Jeanne Wald, Some Examples of Goldie Rings
    Lance W. Small (Chair)
  • KIERSTEAD, Henry Andrew, On the Countable Models of wsub1-Categorical Theories in Admissible Languages
    Alfred B. Manaster (Chair)
  • OHTA, Kaori Imai, Generalization of Hecke’s Correspondence
    Audrey A. Terras (Chair)
  • RAWLINGS, Don Paul, Permutation and Multipermutation Statistics
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • STRAIT, Stewart Charles, A Quadratic Measure of Deviation of Spectral Estimates
    Murray Rosenblatt (Chair)
  • SWEETSER III, Theodore Higgins, A Set-Valued Strong Derivative in Infinite Dimensional Spaces: With Applications in Hilbert Spaces
    Hubert Halkin (Chair)

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