• ALLEN, Edward Ernest, On a Conjecture of Procesi and a New Basis of Graded Left Regular Representation
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • BENBOURENANE, Mohamed, The Hierarchical Basis Multigrid Method for Convention-Diffusion Equations
    Randolph E. Bank (Chair)
  • CELNIKER, Nancy Jeanne, Combinatorial Properties of Finite, Upper Half-Planes and an Improvement on the Tutte Polynomial for Coloring Grey Groups
    Audrey A. Terras (Chair)
  • FRANKS, Edwin Samuel, Polynomially Subnormal Operator Tuples
    Jim Agler (Chair)
  • GARRETT, Brett Taylor, Euclidean and Hyperbolic Surfaces Determined by Circle Parkings"
    Burton Rodin (Chair)
  • HASHEMI-ASAI, Siamak, Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation on Sobolev Spaces with Boundary Conditions
    Jim Agler (Chair)
  • JENSEN, Anders, Quotient Rings and Embeddings of Noetherian Rings
    Lance W. Small (Chair)
  • KELLY, Colleen Laurel, A Test of the Markov Assumption in DNA Sequence Evolution and a Generalization of the Model to Allow the Sites to Evolve
    John A. Rice (Chair)
  • ONG, Ping-Zen, Rapid Decay Property and Small Cancellation Groups
    Michael H. Freedman (Chair)
  • PATTON, Linda J., Interpolation of Nevanlina-Pick Type on the Boundary of the Polydisc
    Jim Agler (Chair)
  • POULOS, Steven Christopher, Graph Theoretic and Spectral Properties of Finite Upper Half Planes
    Audrey A. Terras (Chair)
  • RAM, Arun, Representation Theory and Character Theory of Centralizer Algebras
    Hans Wenzl (Chair)
  • SETHURAMAN, Bharath, Construction of Valued Division Algebras with Applications to Indecomposability and Elementary Abelian Crossed Products
    Adrian R. Wadsworth (Chair)
  • SHICK, Jonathan Edwards, Quadratic Forms over Function-Fields of Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curves
    Adrian R. Wadsworth (Chair)
  • SHIMOZONO, Mark Masami, Littlewood-Richardson Rules for Ordinary and Projective Representations of Symmetric Groups
    Jeffrey B. Remmel (Chair)
  • SMALL, Joel Frederic, A Unified Approach to Testing, Embedding and Drawing Planar Groups
    S. Gill Williamson (Chair)
  • THOMAS, Carolyn Ann, Extension of Classical Results in One Complex Variable to Several Complex Variables
    Carl H. FitzGerald (Chair)
  • VELASQUEZ, Elinor Laura, The Radon Transform on Finite Groups
    Audrey A. Terras (Chair)
  • WAHLEN, Bruce Edward, A Non-Parametric Measure of Independence
    Murray Rosenblatt (Chair)
  • WHITEHEAD, Sara Tamsen, The Computation of Kronecker Products and Transition Matrices
    Jeffrey B. Remmel (Chair)

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