• BEAULIEU, Raymond Anthony, Extensions of Noetherian Rings: Bonds, Morita Contexts, and Exact Embeddability
    Lance W. Small (Chair)
  • BLOCH, Stephen Austin, Divide and Conquer in Parallel Complexity and Proof Theory
    Samuel Buss (Chair)
  • BLOOM, Laura Anne, Bijective Combinatorial Methods in the Comparison of Optimal Algorithms
    S. Gill Williamson (Chair)
  • CARBONARA, Joaquin Oswaldo, The Inverse Kostka Matrix, its t-Analog and Applications
    Jeffrey B. Remmel (Chair)
  • FIERRO, Ricardo Damon, Collinearity and Total Least Squares
    James R. Bunch (Chair)
  • HARLAND, John Ro, Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation with Topological Constraints
    Jim Agler (Chair)
  • HWANG, Yoon Sung, The Corestriction of Valued Division Algebras over Henselian Fields
    Adrian R. Wadsworth (Chair)
  • JULIAN, Alfredo J., The Variational Form of Bayes Estimators of Normal Variance in the Linear Models Case
    Leonard R. Haff (Chair)
  • MEYLAN, Francine, Reflection Principle in Complex Space for Some Class of Hypersurfaces and Mappings
    Salah Baouendi (Chair)
  • TAO, David, A Variety Associated to an Algebra with Involution
    Adrian R. Wadsworth (Chair)
  • WALKER, Michael L., H-infinity Control of Linear and Nonlinear Systems and Parameter Estimation Algorithms for Asymptotic Expansion Signal Models
    J. William Helton (Chair)
  • XIAO, Bing, New Bounds in Cell Probe Model
    Michael L. Fredman (Chair)
  • YARBROUGH, Mark Gordon, The Structure of the Doubly Adjacent Gray Code for the Symmetric Group
    S. Gill Williamson (Chair)

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