• CARINI, Luisa, Combinatorial Methods for Computing Plethysms of Schur Functions
    Jeffrey B. Remmel (Chair)
  • CASEY, Michael Patrick, Computation in Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems
    Michael H. Freedman (Chair)
  • EGGERS, John Dietrich, Holomorphic Extension of CR Functions on Smooth Submanifolds of Cn
    Linda P. Rothschild (Chair)
  • HUANG, Wei, Some Results in Formal Knot Theory
    Michael H. Freedman (Chair)
  • LEE, Shang-Min, Markov Processes Whose Hitting Distributions are Absolutely Continuous with Respect to Those of a Given Process
    Patrick J. Fitzsimmons (Chair)
  • LEONARD, Michael Wallace, Reduced Hessian Quasi-Newton Methods for Optimization
    Philip E. Gill (Chair)
  • MYERS, Perla Lahana, Euclidean and Heisenberg Graphs: Spectral Properties and Applications
    Audrey A. Terras (Chair)
  • SHINNERL, Joseph R., KKT-Based Interior-Point Methods for Numerical Optimization
    Philip E. Gill (Chair)
  • WOESLER, Ulrich, Projective Modules and Extensions in the Category O for Rank two Kac-Moody Lie-algebras
    Thomas J. Enright (Chair)
  • YAN, Shu, Link Homotopy and Unlinking Numbers
    Michael H. Freedman (Chair)

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