• CRASS, Scott Warren, Solving the Sextic by Iteration: A Complex Dynamical Approach
    Peter G. Doyle (Chair)
  • CROSS, Carolyn Mae, Differentials of Measure-Preserving Flows on Path Space
    Bruce K. Driver (Chair)
  • DEUTSCH, Reena, Survival prediction following HIV Infection: Interval censored infection times and subsequent cognitive impairment and mortality
    John O
  • KEETON, Allan Gerald, Commuting Varieties Associated with Symmetric Pairs
    Nolan R. Wallach (Chair)
  • KRUSHKAL, Vjacheslav (Slava), On the Relative Slice Problem and 4-Dimensional Topological Surgery
    Michael H. Freedman (Chair)
  • VITYAEV, Andrei E., Complex Analysis and its Applications to Control Theory
    Salah Baouendi (Chair)
  • XU, Ronghui (Lily), Inference for the Proportional Hazards Model
    John O
  • YANG, Jinghui, On Recursive Boolean Algebra
    Jeffrey B. Remmel (Chair)

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