• BARCLAY, Alexander, SQP Methods for Large-Scale Optimization
    Philip E. Gill (Chair) | Abstract | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • BARTELS, Arthur C., Link Homotopy in Codimension Two
    Peter Teichner (Chair)
  • DOODY, Kathleen Mae, The quasi-isometric images of the Euclidean Ray
    Peter Doyle (Chair)
  • HAN, Ilseop, Tractability of Algebraic Function Fields in one Variable over Global Fields
    Adrian R. Wadsworth (Chair)
  • LEIBON, Gregory D., Random Delaunay Triangulations, the Thurston-Andreev Theorem, and Metric Uniformization
    Peter Doyle (Chair)
  • MORSE, Jennifer Leigh, Explicit expansions for Knop-Sahi and Macdonald polynomials
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair)
  • ORELLANA, Rosa C., The Hecke Algebra of Type B at Roots of Unity, Markov Traces and Subfactors
    Hans G. Wenzl (Chair) | Abstract | PDF | PostScript |
  • PICCIOTTO, Sally, How to Encode a Tree
    Doyle (Chair) | Abstract | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • RICHTER, Olav K., Theta Functions of Quadratic Forms
    Harold M. Stark (Chair)
  • SHEPLER, Anne V., Semi-Invariant Forms
    Peter Doyle (Chair) | Abstract | PDF | PostScript |
  • SKOGMAN, Howard John, Jacobi Forms Over Number Fields
    Harold M. Stark (Chair) | Abstract | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • SRIMURTHY, Vikram K., On the Equivalence of Measures on Loop Space
    Bruce K. Driver (Chair)

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