• CONANT, James Roger, A Knot Bounding a Grope of Class n is n/2 Trivial
    Peter Teichner (Chair)
  • GALLO, Teresa, Combinatorial Bases for Modules of Coinvariants
    Adriano Garsia (Chair)
  • HALLECK, Ezra Q., Magic square subclasses as linear Diophantine systems
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair) | Abstract | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • KNIGHT, Robert Dean, Using Laguerre Geometry to Discover Euclidean Theorems
    Jay P. Fillmore (Chair)
  • KOJCINOVIC, Slobodan, Extension of CR Mappings Between Generic Algebraic Submanifolds
    Linda P. Rothschild (Chair)
  • KRONEWITTER, Frank Dell, Noncommutative Computer Algebra in Linear Algebra and Control Theory
    J. William Helton (Chair) | Abstract | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • LAMEL, Bernhard R., Mappings of Real Submanifolds in Complex Spaces of Different Dimensions
    Linda P. Rothschild (Chair)
  • LITTLE, David P., q-Enumeration of Classical Combinatorial Structures
    Adriano M. Garsia (Chair) | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • MASTROPIETRO, Michael William, Quadratic Forms and Relative Quadratic Extensions
    Harold M. Stark (Chair) | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • MINEI, Marvin, Three Block Diagonalization Methods for the Finite Graph
    Audrey A. Terras (Chair)
  • TUBA, Imre, Braid Representations and Tensor Categories
    Hans G. Wenzl (Chair) | LaTeX | PDF | PostScript |
  • WAGNER, Jennifer D., The Combinatorics of the Permutation Enumeration of Wreath Products between Cyclic and Symmetric Groups
    Jeffrey Remmel (Chair) | Abstract | PDF | PostScript |
  • WILLENBRING, Jeb F., Stability properties for $q$-multiplicities and branching formulas for representations of the classical groups
    Nolan Wallach (Chair) | Abstract | PDF | PostScript |

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