• BELL, Jason Pierre, Affine rings of low GK dimension
    Lance W. Small (Chair) | Abstract | PDF | PostScript |
  • DOWLA, Arif, Local Block Bootstrap Based Inference for Nonstationary Time Series
    Dimitris Politis (Chair)
  • ELLIS III, Robert Byron, Chip-Firing Games with Dirichlet Eigenvalues and Discrete Green's Functions
    Fan Chung Graham (Chair) | PDF | PostScript |
  • KOWALSKI, R. Travis, Formal Equivalences Between Real-Analytic Hypersurfaces
    Salah Baouendi (Chair), Linda P. Rothschild (Co-Chair)
  • LU, Linyuan (Lincoln), Probabilistic Methods in Massive Graphs and Internet Computing
    Fan Chung Graham (Chair)
  • MARCIA, Roummel, Primal-Dual Interior Point Methods for Large Scale Optimization
    Philip E. Gill (Chair)
  • MARTIN, Jeremy Leander, Graph Varieties
    Nolan R. Wallach (Chair) Mark Haiman (Co-Chair) | Abstract | PDF |
  • MOHANTY, Yana Zilberberg, Hyperbolic polyhedra: volume and scissors congruence
    Justin Roberts, Chair | Abstract | PDF | PostScript |
  • RAPHAEL, Benjamin J., A Computational Investigation of Spectral Sets and Rational Dilations Over Multiply-Connected Domains
    Jim Agler (Chair)

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