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Winter 2014 Course Information

Instructor: Yanxiang Zhao

Lecture: C

Meeting: MWF 3:00pm-3:50pm PCYNH 109

Office Hour: APM 5220, MW 4:00pm-5:00pm or by appointment

Email: y1zhao@ucsd.edu

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TAs Information

C01 CENTR203 Th 5pm Jinting Liu (jil022@ucsd.edu)

C02 CENTR203 Th 6pm Jinting Liu

Office Hour for Jinting Liu: 12pm-1pm, 2pm-3pm, Monday @5218 AP&M

C03 CENTR203 Th 7pm Ledong(Sophia) Zhang (lez006@ucsd.edu)

C04 CENTR203 Th 8pm Ledong(Sophia) Zhang

Office Hour for Ledong(Sophia) Zhang: 11am-12pm, Tuesday and Thursday @ Calc lab

C05 CENTR207 Th 5pm Jonathan Conder (jconder@ucsd.edu)

C06 CENTR207 Th 6pm Jonathan Conder


Sample Exam II solution (PDF); Exam II solution (PDF).

Sample Final Exam solution (PDF).

3-D Geometry

solid 1 (PDF)