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Faculty Leaves

University Policies regarding Faculty Leaves

1) The guidelines limit the total time on leave without pay between sabbatical periods to one year. The complete text of the guidelines is attached in Appendix C.

2) Faculty leaves during the quarter, exam week, and any period during which extramural support is being paid, must be approved in advance by the proper authority. Leaves of up to 2 weeks during the quarter (exam week excluded) may be approved by the Chair. All other leaves, particularly during exam week, must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Academic Senate, or the Dean of Physical Sciences, depending on the circumstances.

The penalties for unapproved absences can be quite severe, including loss of salary and benefits. UC insurance will cover you during travel for injury or death only if you are considered on university business, which requires that you be on an officially approved leave. Even more commonly, grant monies cannot be used to reimburse travel expenses unless you apply for approval of your leave. Please note that permission must be sought even when the faculty member does not have teaching responsibilities, unless the faculty member is on 100% leave without pay or sabbatical leave. For leaves requiring permission from the VCAA, the information and request form is available under Department Procedures as well as from Diane Richards our Academic Personnel Analyst.

3) For leaves requiring only permission of the Chair, it suffices to send an email message to Peter Ebenfelt (pebenfel@math.ucsd.edu) and Diane Richards (drichards@math.ucsd.edu) giving the relevant details: exact dates of travel, arrangements made for meeting classes, destinations, and purpose of the trip.

4) If you are travelling on University business outside of California, it is required that you sign up online for trip insurance at http://www.uctravel.org/.

Department Procedures:

Sabbatical Leaves: Once you have verified your sabbatical leave credit balance. Please send a short statement of what your plans are to Diane Richards drichards@ucsd.edu who will prepare the Academic Leave of Absence/Sabbatical (ALAS) form (see sample) for your signature and the Chair's approval. (Request Form)

Leaves Without Pay: Please discuss your plans with the Chair either in person or via email. Then send a short statement of what your plans are to Diane Richards drichards@ucsd.edu who will prepare the Academic Leave of Absence/Sabbatical (ALAS) form (same example) for your signature and the Chair's formal approval.

Leave During Finals: Please be sure to obtain the signature of your proxy before submitting to Diane Richards. This leave requires approval by the Chair and must be submitted at least 30 days in advance. (FORM: Request for Leave During Finals Week)

Short Leaves: (2 weeks or less) require advanced approval from the chair. This can be done via email.

Summer: Personal travel during the summer does not require department approval or notification. If you travel on business during the summer and will be requesting reimbursement, please notify the Chair and cc Diane via email.

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