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Change which UCSD Password?

All Math Department Users:

Math Password

What is the Math Password used for?

  • math.ucsd.edu IMAP/POP incoming mail server (for Eudora, Apple Mail.app, Microsoft Outlook, etc.)
  • euclid.ucsd.edu, euler.ucsd.edu, etc. UNIX/Linux shell/file servers (for SSH/SFTP/Samba/AppleShare service)
  • Math Department Administration website

Forgot your Math Password?

Contact mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu to reset it.

Faculty/Staff/Visitors Only:

Active Directory (AD) Password

What is the Active Directory (AD) Password used for?

NEW USERS: AD accounts for new users must FIRST enable their AD account by setting an AD password using the AD Password Change Tool or contacting mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu for help.

Forgot your Active Directory (AD) Password?

Go to the AD Password Change Tool or contact mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu to reset it.

Business Systems SSO Password


Before changing/resetting your Business Systems SSO Password, verify that you can receive new emails at your @ucsd.edu email address first.

The Change Business Systems SSO Password process will email you a temporary password to immediately login into a Business System and then setup a new Business Systems SSO password.

What is the Business Systems SSO Password used for?

NEW USERS: Business Systems SSO accounts for new users must FIRST obtain a valid username@ucsd.edu email address from the department and then self-register at SSO New User Self-Registration. The self-registration process requires that you be able to receive a registration message at your @ucsd.edu email address.

Forgot your Business Systems SSO Password?

Go to Reset My Password OR contact department DSAs Scott Rollans (for faculty/instructors) or James Ferris (for staff) to reset it.

Students Only:

ETS Password


The ETS Password is only used by students and for course-specific instructor/TA accounts.

Instructors using ETS services like TritonEd or WeBWorK should change their Active Directory (AD) Password instead.

What is the ETS Password used for?

NOTE: Changing your ETS Password also automatically changes your:
  • Active Directory (AD) Password

Forgot your ETS Password?

Go to ETS Account Lookup or contact acs-consult@ucsd.edu for help.

Student SSO Password


The Student SSO Password is only used by students.

Instructors using ITS services like Blink: Student/Class Info tools or eGrades should change their Business Systems SSO Password instead.

What is the Student SSO Password used for?

  • My TritonLink web portal
  • Web services using the "Student SSO" SSO tab

Forgot your Student SSO Password?

Go to Can't Sign on to TritonLink? for help.

Change a UCSD Password not listed above?

Contact mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu for help.

Do you use the same password for all UCSD systems?

If you normally use the same, common password for all UCSD systems, then change ALL of your UCSD Passwords (that are applicable to you) to keep everything synchronized. DO NOT use this new password on any non-UCSD systems.

Change your Math Password FIRST. It will list the security requirements for a new password that should be acceptable on all UCSD systems. To be more secure, use different passwords for each UCSD system BUT ONLY if you can actually remember each password.