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Change which UCSD Password?

All Math Department Users:

Math Password

What is the Math Password used for?

  • math.ucsd.edu IMAP/POP incoming mail server (for Eudora, Apple Mail.app, Microsoft Outlook, etc.)
  • euclid.ucsd.edu, euler.ucsd.edu, etc. UNIX/Linux shell/file servers (for SSH/SFTP/Samba/AppleShare service)
  • Math Department Administration website

Forgot your Math Password?

Contact mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu to reset it.

Faculty/Staff/Instructors/Visitors Only:

Active Directory (AD) Password

What is the Active Directory (AD) Password used for?

NEW USERS: AD accounts for new users must FIRST enable their AD account by setting an AD password using the AD Password Change Tool or contacting mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu for help.

Forgot your Active Directory (AD) Password?

Go to the AD Password Change Tool or contact mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu to reset it.

Business Systems SSO Password


Before changing/resetting your Business Systems SSO Password, verify that you can receive new emails at your @ucsd.edu email address first.

The Change Business Systems SSO Password process will email you a temporary password to immediately login into a Business System and then setup a new Business Systems SSO password.

What is the Business Systems SSO Password used for?

NEW USERS: Business Systems SSO accounts for new users must FIRST obtain a valid username@ucsd.edu email address from the department and then self-register at SSO New User Self-Registration. The self-registration process requires that you be able to receive a registration message at your @ucsd.edu email address.

Forgot your Business Systems SSO Password?

Go to Reset My Password OR contact department DSAs Scott Rollans (for faculty/instructors) or James Ferris (for staff) or mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu (system for faculty/staff) to reset it.

Students Only:

ETS Password


The ETS Password is only used by students and for course-specific instructor/TA accounts.

Instructors using ETS services like TritonEd or WeBWorK should change their Active Directory (AD) Password instead.

What is the ETS Password used for?

NOTE: Changing your ETS Password also automatically changes your:
  • Active Directory (AD) Password

Forgot your ETS Password?

Go to ETS Account Lookup or contact acs-consult@ucsd.edu for help.

Student SSO Password


The Student SSO Password is only used by students.

Instructors using ITS services like Blink: Student/Class Info tools or eGrades should change their Business Systems SSO Password instead.

What is the Student SSO Password used for?

  • My TritonLink web portal
  • Web services using the "Student SSO" SSO tab

Forgot your Student SSO Password?

Go to Can't Sign on to TritonLink? for help.

Change a UCSD Password not listed above?

Contact mathhelp@math.ucsd.edu for help.