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James McKernan - Simons Foundation Grant 5-Year Extension

Professor James McKernan received a 5-year extension to his Simons Foundation grant.

Jiawang Nie - 14th Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing

Professor Jiawang Nie has been awarded the 14th Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing for significant contributions to "Polynomial optimization, convex algebraic geometry and tensor computation." A ceremony will be held at the General Assembly of the China Society for Computational Mathematics in Nanjing, China from August 15–19, 2021. 

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Mathematics Moves to Uncapped

Effective Monday, 5/24/2021, the Mathematics Department majors are no longer Capped.

Continuing students may use the TritonLink Major/Minor Tool online to change their major department to Mathematics. No additional screening will be required.

Incoming students may use the TritonLink Major/Minor Tool online to change their major department to Mathematics as soon as they are registered and enrolled for Fall 2021 courses.


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Tuesday  •  August 3, 2021

8:30am  •  Zoom link:

Denise Rava
    Survival Analysis and Causal Inference: from Marginal Structural Cox to Additive Hazards Model and beyond.

Final Defense

11:00am  •  Zoom: Email Jacqueline Warren at

Jacqueline Warren
    Horospherical flows in infinite volume rank one homogeneous spaces: effective equidistribution and applications

Final Defense

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Sam Buss

Logic and Computational Complexity

Computational Complexity, Computer Graphics

The Department of Mathematics at UC San Diego

We are composed of a diverse array of individuals. We are united around a common cause: the pursuit of mathematics as a fundamental human endeavor with the power to describe the world around us and the richness to express the worlds within us.

We are guided by an inclusive and equitable ethos: all who wish to learn and contribute are welcome and valued.

It is central to our mission as a research and educational institution to offer support and encouragement to each member of our community so that they may thrive in our environment.

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