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Transfer Equivalencies

Last updated: 09/21/2021 09:59 AM

University of California, San Diego

Department of Mathematics

For Math 20E also see the information on the Math 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam.

These equivalencies are intended only for students transferring work to UCSD. They are NOT reciprocal agreements. If you are looking to transfer UCSD math coursework to another school, you must contact that institution to see what credit and/or equivalencies may be given.

Allan Hancock College181182183181182183184184CISC 16105/09/2016
American River College350 or 355351 or 355356STAT 30040040140242041009/16/2015
Antelope Valley College15016025023022009/27/2006
Antioch University Los Angeles19119207/20/2018
Arizona State University (AZ)210 or 251265 or 270266 or 271267 or 27227524207/20/2018
Bakersfield CollegeB6AB6BB6CB6DB6E05/09/2016
Barstow Community College24A4B4C91009/07/2021
Bellevue College (WA)148151152153+25420807/22/2013
Berkeley City College16A16B3A3B3C3F3E12/10/2010
Brigham Young University11211310/10/2017
Butte College17 or 18303132404209/16/2015
Cabrillo College5A5B5C7609/27/2006
Cal Poly Pomona1200 or 1250STAT 21001140 or 13001150 or 1300+131021402240225007/23/2020
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo161 or 221162162STAT 221 or 252 or 302141 or 131142 or 132 or 182143+24124220609/18/2015
Cal Tech1A1B2A+2B1C2A+2B09/27/2006
CaƱada College24124220025125225327527009/16/2015
Cascadia College (WA)15107/20/2018
Cerritos College170190225240 or 25025008/30/2018
Cerro Coso Community CollegeC151C151C152C251C255C25702/09/2015
Chabot College1516431234609/16/2015
Chaffey Community College65A65B65A65B75858111/28/2007
Chapman University11011107/01/2013
Citrus College19019121021121210/02/2009
City College of San Francisco100A100B80 or ECON 5110A110B110C125 or 130120 or 13006/25/2020
Clovis Community College5A5B6171709/01/2015
Coastline Community College14018018528028528522506/09/2011
College of Alameda16A16B16B3A3B3C3F3E09/27/2006
College of Marin12112212312422322411609/27/2006
College of San Mateo241241+24224225125225327527004/01/2015
College of the Canyons21121221321521409/27/2006
College of the Desert1A1B2A2C2B1511/10/2014
College of the Redwoods2250A50B50C554511/01/2016
College of the Sequoias616265 or 7566 or 7667 or 77818012/16/2013
College of the Siskiyous14001500240010501400+15001400+150024002500260009/16/2015
Columbia College218A18B18C282604/27/2018
Compton College19019115019019122027027021007/27/2021
Contra Costa College18019019129029220002/09/2015
Copper Mountain1A1B2A2C2B402/09/2015
Cosumnes River College350 or 355351356STAT 300 or ECON 31040040140242041006/15/2016
Crafton Hills College14111025025125226626509/16/2015
CSU Bakersfield201020202531140201 or 2310 or 2510202 or 2320 or 2520203 or 2330 or 2530205 or 2540330 or 261011/14/2017
CSU Channel Islands140201 or 202 or 35215015125035024009/18/2015
CSU Chico10931412012122026023509/18/2015
CSU Dominguez Hills17119119321131133109/18/2015
CSU East Bay181018201820STAT 3031 or 360113041305230433312101 or 310009/18/2015
CSU Fresno7071721017576778115209/18/2015
CSU Fullerton130 or 135120 or 338150A150B250A250B30709/18/2015
CSU Humboldt105205STAT 106, 108, 109, 32310911021031324109/18/2015
CSU Long Beach119A119B119B122123222364A or 370A24709/18/2015
CSU Los Angeles204020502110212021302150255004/24/2019
CSU Maritime Academy10721021121221509/18/2015
CSU Monterey Bay320150151250340260 or 33009/18/2015
CSU Northridge203 or 255A255B140150A150B25028026209/18/2015
CSU Sacramento26A26BSTAT 1 or STAT 103303132453509/18/2015
CSU San Bernardino19226221121221327033109/18/2015
CSU San Diego121122122STAT 250 or 350A15015125233725409/18/2015
CSU San Francisco124 or 32422622722824532509/18/2015
CSU San Jose40 or 71160 or 161A+B303132123129A09/18/2015
CSU San Marcos13224216016226026226409/18/2015
CSU Sonoma165161211261241 or 331222 or 32209/18/2015
CSU Stanislaus19101920192016201410142024102460253009/18/2015
Cuesta Community College247265A265B283285 or 287287CIS 24104/29/2016
Cuyamaca College178 or 180280281160 or BIO 21518028028128528424509/16/2015
Cypress College130C120C150AC150BC250AC250BC250BC171C09/16/2015
De Anza College1A1B101A1B1C+1D2A2B2209/16/2015
Dean College (MA)24124210/10/2017
Diablo Valley College18218314219219329229419419509/16/2015
East Los Angeles College23623622726126226327527007/01/2020
Edmonds College (WA)148146151152153+25427207/22/2013
El Camino College19019115019019122027027021009/16/2015
Everett Community College (WA)148 or 151152163146151+152152+153 or 152+163163+26426126007/01/2020
Evergreen Valley College626371 or 6672 or 6773787909/14/2015
Feather River CC218+22022001/06/2003
Folsom Lake College350 or 355351 or 355+356356STAT 30040040140242041009/12/2008
Foothill College1C101A1B1C+1D2A2B22 or CIS 1809/16/2015
Fresno City College5A5B67 or 1726 or 17CSCI 2601/11/2021
Fullerton College130F or 160AF160BF120F or 120HF150AF or 151F150BF or 152F250AF or 251F250BF or 252F or 260F250BF+250CF or 252F + 253F or 255F171F09/30/2019
Gavilan College651A1B1C3 or 2C209/10/2015
Glendale Community College103 or 112104136 or (136A+136B) or 136+10310410510810711/24/2020
Golden West CollegeG140 or G180G185G280G160G180G185G280G282 or G285G235 or G28509/07/2021
Green River College (WA)148151152153+25424007/22/2013
Grossmont College178280281160 or BIO 215180280281285284245 or CSIS 24009/04/2020
Hartnell College43A3B3C54704/11/2018
Imperial Valley College124120 or 11919219421022023009/10/2015
Irvine Valley College3A or 113B4A3A or 3AH3B or 3BH4A24 or 24H2606/23/2017
Lake Tahoe Comm College115116117105106202107+20420312/12/2001
Laney College16A16A+16B16B3A3B3C3F3E02/04/2013
Las Positas Comm Col34401235710 or CS 1711/01/2016
Lassen College1A1B1C08/13/2003
Long Beach City College607080STAT 1 or STAT 1H6070808482 or 8405/09/2016
Los Angeles City College236236227 or 227S26126226327527027204/27/2021
Los Angeles Harbor College23623622726526626727527007/01/2020
Los Angeles Mission College23823822726526626727527007/01/2020
Los Angeles Pierce College23823822726126226327527007/01/2020
Los Angeles Southwest College23623622726526626727527007/01/2020
Los Angeles Trade Tech College236236227 or 227S26526626727527010/09/2020
Los Angeles Valley College238238227261 or 265262 or 266263 or 26727527007/01/2020
Los Medanos College140 or 37210 or 50220 or 60230 or 70240 or 80250 or 7507/15/2020
Loyola Marymount University12212313113223424525012/06/2011
Marymount California University13013113210/13/1986
Mendocino College21021121221521407/11/2012
Merced College4A or 5A4B or 5B4C4A4B4C68704/01/2015
Merritt College16A16B3A3B3C3D or 3F3D or 3E02/09/2015
Mesa College121121+122122119 or BIOL 20015015125225525402/28/2017
MiraCosta College115 or 115S103150155260265 or 265H27022611/17/2020
Miramar College121121+12212211915015125225525401/29/2016
Mission College12 or 3A10 or 10H3A or 3AH3B4A4B4C11/01/2016
Modesto Junior College171172134171172173193 or 174191 or 17411/20/2020
Monterey Peninsula College181620A20B20C32314011/01/2016
Moorpark CollegeM16AM16BM16BM15M16A or M25AM16B or M25BM25CM35M31CISC M15509/14/2015
Moreno Valley College51A1B1C2308/25/2011
Mount San Antonio College180181110180181280285 or 290 or ENGR 285260 or 28503/16/2021
Mount San Jacinto14021121221321521809/14/2015
Napa Valley College12012122122222002/27/2009
Norco College51A1B1C2308/25/2011
North Seattle College (WA)148151152153+22422007/22/2013
Ohlone College167159101A101B101C10410316309/14/2015
Orange Coast College180 or 182H185 or 182H280 or 280H160 or 160H180 or 180H or 182H185 or 185H or 182H280 or 280H285 or 285H235 or 285 or 285H05/09/2016
Oxnard CollegeR105R120R121R122R125 or R143R13409/14/2015
Palo Verde College3410622022422605/09/2016
Palomar College14014120512014014120520620024509/14/2015
Pasadena City College5A5B5C551009/14/2015
Porterville College12210310420520620605/09/2016
Portland State University (OR)251252251+252251+252+25308/17/2018
Reedley (Kings River) College5A5B67 or 1717 or 2611/10/2014
Rio Hondo College17019019125027026009/27/2006
Riverside Community College51A1B1C2309/27/2006
Sacramento City College350 or 355351 or 355+356356STAT 300400401402420410CISP 44002/09/2015
Saddleback College11 or 3A3B3C103A3B3C242611/26/2018
San Bernardino Valley College25025125226626509/27/2006
San Diego City College121121+122122119 or BIOL 20015015125225525402/28/2017
San Francisco City College100A100B80 or ECON 5110A110B110C125 or 130120 or 13001/29/2016
San Joaquin Delta College13121234509/14/2015
San Jose City College63717273787909/14/2015
Santa Ana College180185280180185280287 or 295287 or 29004/01/2015
Santa Barbara City College130131131117 or 117H150160200220210CS 10811/01/2016
Santa Monica College2828+29117+881115131011/10/2014
Santa Rosa Junior College1A1B1C1A1B1C2508/19/2013
Santiago Canyon College180185280287 or 295287or 29003/02/2017
Seattle Central College (WA)148146151152153+22422007/22/2013
Shasta College173A3B4A4B606/09/2010
Shoreline College (WA)148151152163+26420720808/17/2018
Sierra College16A16B13303132333309/14/2015
Skyline College241241+24224220025125225327527009/16/2015
Solano CC30+31 or 2030+31202122234011/01/2016
South Seattle College (WA)148151152153+22422007/22/2013
Southwestern College121121+12212211925025125225325410/10/2017
Stanford Univ41424311307/01/2013
Taft College210021202130214009/01/2011
UC Berkeley16A16A+16BSTAT 20 or 21 or 131A1A1B5353545509/18/2015
UC Davis16A or 17A16B or 17B16C or 17CSTAT 32 or 100 or 10221A21B21C22B21D22A09/17/2015
UC IrvineSTAT 7 or 82A2B2D3D2E3A09/17/2015
UC Los Angeles3A3BSTAT 10, 12 or 1331A or 31AH31B or 31BH32A33B32B33A09/17/2015
UC Merced1112301821222324232409/21/2021
UC Riverside7A or 8B or 9A or 227B or 9B10ASTAT 40 or 48 or 100A+B9A+9B / 8B+9B9B+9C10A4610B31 or EE 2003/08/2021
UC Santa Barbara34A34BPSTAT 5A or 5LS3A3B5B or 6A or 5BI or 6AI3C or 5A or 4B5C or 6B4A or 4AI09/17/2015
UC Santa Cruz11A11B22STAT 7+7L19A19B23A or 2224 or AM 2023B21 or AM 1010/19/2020
Univ of San Diego13015015125033032007/23/2013
Univ of San Francisco93A3B4B10B09/01/1984
Ventura CollegeV46V44V21AV21BV21CV23 or V24V22V52/CS V1708/30/2018
Victor Valley College21622622722827023111/01/2016
West Hills (Coalinga) CC1A1A1B2A2B10/16/2018
West Hills (Lemore) CC1A1A1B2A11/01/2016
West Los Angeles College23623622726126226327527007/01/2020
West Valley College3A3B4A103A+3B3B4A4B4C09/10/2015
Whatcom CC (WA)15115210/18/2017
Woodland CollegeSTAT 11A1B1C2309/16/2015
Yuba CollegeSTAT 11A1B1C2309/16/2015