The Autumn Ivy on the math building

The Autumn Ivy on the math building

Below is a list of some of the people in the Department of Mathematics who you may need to talk with at various points during your time at UC San Diego.

The Senior Teaching Assistant (Michelle Bodnar for the 2017-2018 academic year) is the first person one should talk to with teaching issues.

For academic issues, one should first go to his/her faculty advisor and then to the Graduate Vice Chair, Jacques Verstraete, if the situation is not resolved.

Most other issues, including advancing to candidacy and graduation are handled by the Graduate Advisors.


Faculty Contacts

Jacques Verstraete – Graduate Vice Chair

The Graduate Vice Chair heads the Qualifying Exam Appeals Committee, the Admissions Committee, and advises the department about the administration of graduate exams, recruiting graduate students, policy issues, and recommendations for graduate student awards, etc.

John Eggers – Training Supervisor for Teaching Assistants
Faculty member who oversees training for first-year teaching assistants; works closely with the Senior TA and Assistant Senior TA

Grad Student Representatives

Michelle Bodnar – Senior Teaching Assistant (2017-2018)
Holds trainings for first-time TAs, attends discussion sections throughout the quarter to check TA compliance, attends monthly Graduate Affairs meetings, assists with any problems that come up regarding TAs.

Artem Mavrin – Assistant Senior Teaching Assistant (2017-2018)

Assists Senior TA in all above duties.

Staff Contacts

Debbie Shon – Graduate Support Specialist
Graduate admissions, fiscal processes, financial aid, student employment

Holly Proudfoot – Director of Instructional Support
Class scheduling, room reservations, general departmental information, supplies for teaching assistants

Jeffrey Saikali – Graduate Advisor (focus: Masters students)

Academic forms, rules/regulations, administrator of student files

Julie Wiegand – Department Coordinator

Programs ID cards to gain entry for offices and department spaces, assigns office space for department visitors

Kelly Guerriero  – Graduate Advisor (focus: Ph.D. students)

Academic forms, rules/regulations, administrator of student files

Scott Rollans – Student Affairs Manager
Office assignments for graduate students, quarterly scheduling of all department courses, general departmental information, hiring of teaching assistants, advisor to CSME students