Graduate Office Policy

Office spaces are shared by multiple graduate students, are used for office hours with undergraduates, and provide a primary work area for teaching, research, and study. Thus, the office spaces need to be functional, attractive, and comfortable.

Space assignments: Students will occupy the space assigned to them. Office mates are expected to be considerate of each other. In rare cases, the Graduate Affairs staff may be able to honor requests for a change of location. Please note that because of space limitations, the Department of Mathematics provides office space to only our doctoral students who are officially registered and receiving support. Visiting Graduate Students are offered office space when it is available. According to university regulations, students who are on official Leave of Absence or not registered can not use department facilities accessible by Omni codes and/or keys.

Desks and other furnishings: Notify the Graduate Affairs staff if furniture, shelves, filing cabinets, blackboards, tables, dividers, vents, doors, windows, etc., are broken or damaged. Office furniture such as bookcases and filing cabinets can be requested from the department. More significant items such as shelving and painting can be supplied occasionally as warranted, subject to our budget.

Blackboards and whiteboards: These are an integral part of the functionality of offices for mathematics research and instruction. Please keep these well-maintained with chalk cleaned up, whiteboard pens capped, etc.

Personal items and storage: Discard personal items that you no longer want. Desks, bookcases, and open areas should be kept relatively neat and clean. Students may need to do occasional dusting or other light cleaning; cleaning supplies are available in APM 7409. To keep a professional appearance, items such as old exams should be kept stored neatly, preferably in filing cabinets, drawers, or boxes. Items should not obstruct the office or create an overly cluttered appearance. Books and personal items not in current use should be kept neatly arranged.

Appliances, electronics, food items: Items such as microwaves, coffeemakers, and small refrigerators may be kept and used in the offices provided they are safe and well maintained. It is especially important to keep food items properly stored.

Garbage and recycling: Put all trash and recyclables in the garbage and recycling bins in your office or in the larger bins in the hallways. Custodial services remove trash only once a week, so students may need to empty their office trash and recycling into the bins in the hallways or by the freight elevator. Small amounts of confidential materials can be shredded by putting them in the shredding bin in APM 7409.

Bikes: We do not have space to accommodate many bikes; however, bikes may be brought to the office in exceptional circumstances to reduce the risk of theft or damage. It is usually okay to bring a bike into an office in times of bad weather or after regular work hours (regular work hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday). In any event, bikes should not inconvenience others or create safety problems.

Student owned furniture: Subject to approval by the Graduate Affairs staff, students may bring non-department owned furniture of reasonable size to their personal offices, provided that it is in good condition and has the approval of other students in the office. This includes items such as chairs and couches. Rugs and other items that tend to become dirty quickly should be avoided. The department reserves the right to remove any non-department owned items.

Noise and Other Disruptions: Music should generally be played through headphones; however, low level speakers are acceptable outside of regular work hours when other students or visitors are not present. Please be considerate of others in conducting personal phone calls or other related activities.  Other potentially disruptive behavior (including but not limited to, pets, odorous foods, inappropriate or unprofessional language, potentially offensive decorations, etc) is strongly discouraged in the name of a mutually respectful workplace.  At minimum, such behavior should not interfere with student activities (office hours, study, grading, etc) during regular work hours.  

Safety and security: If you see unsafe conditions, smell smoke, see suspicious visitors, find doors that do not lock properly, etc., please inform the department or campus authorities immediately.

Office inspections and inventory: Office inspections will most likely occur early in the fall, before the Graduate Admissions Open House in early spring, and late in the spring.

Moving furniture: Mathematics staff cannot be responsible for removing furniture. In addition, the department wants to avoid hiring movers. Thus, students should take care of removing unwanted non-department owned items.

Common areas: There are rotating graduate student committees that help maintain these spaces. Non-department owned items, including furniture and appliances, should not be placed in common areas without first obtaining permission from the Graduate Affairs staff.

The Mathematics Department is pleased to be able to provide high-quality and comfortable graduate student offices to support our educational and research activities, and very much needs and appreciates your assistance in making this work well.


Campus Smoking Policy:  UCSD (joining all other UC campuses, labs and centers) has a smoke & tobacco free policy.  The policy prohibits the use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, snus, water pipes, pipes, hookahs, chew, and any other combustible or non-combustible tobacco product.  The policy covers all indoor and outdoor university spaces, including parking lots, private residential space, and the Medical Center campuses.