Master’s Students: Faculty Advisor

UC San Diego Department of Mathematics master’s students are normally assigned a faculty advisor during Department orientation events occurring just prior to the start of fall quarter in the the student’s first academic year of matriculation.

Since our terminal master’s majors are only offered on the comprehensive examination plan, not the thesis plan that some other departments offer, your interaction with your faculty advisor could be minimal over your time with us, but it does not need to be. You can make effort to get to know your advisor by building a professional relationship with him/her.

Faculty members have different styles of communication and availability to interact. Learn these characteristics of your faculty advisor and do your best to work positively with him/her. If you are having problems getting in touch with your faculty advisor or if other problems arise, contact your staff advisor for assistance.

Do not procrastinate. Doing so is discourteous to all involved. There will be plenty of times when you will need your faculty advisor’s input/approval, and it is never good to leave requests of an advisor to the “last minute”. Faculty members are sometimes away from campus unexpectedly; this is another reason to act in a timely manner when you will be needing your faculty advisor’s involvement.