UCSD Mathematics

About Us & Contact

Where We Are and How to Reach Us

Phone number (858) 534-3590
Location APM 7409
(Applied Physics & Mathematics, 7th floor)
Business Hours 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (may be closed during lunch or for a meeting)
Email Address
Virtual Advising Center

If you are trying to find our building, the campus has a user-friendly interactive map where you can search for “APM”. Click here for additional contact information and our mailing address.

Much of the information commonly asked for by students is available online. Please first check the campus web site, the General Catalog, and the Department FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

When students want to contact us electronically, we encourage use of the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).

IMPORTANT: Please remember to mention the following in the body of all email messages—

  1. Your full name of record.
  2. Your UC San Diego personal identification number (PID).
  3. Your major (and/or proposed major, if applicable).
  4. A short summary of your situation and what you need help with.

Advising at UC San Diego

UC San Diego has an uncommon system whereby every undergraduate student is connected to one of six colleges irrespective of major and to the department that houses the student’s major. Each college has a set of academic advisors, an assistant dean of academic advising, and a dean of academic advising. Departments have their own staff advisors and/or coordinators and a student affairs manager/director. (Each college also has a student affairs team and a provost.)

For some advising issues, you will only need to meet with an advisor from your college, for others you will just need to see an advisor from your department, and for yet others you will have to talk to advisors from both your college and your department.

Any issue regarding a major in the Department of Mathematics or courses offered by it is likely to be something that should be addressed with advisors in the Department of Mathematics.

Who We Are and What We Do

Gayathri Sridhar, Intake Advisor, is at APM 7409 (Front Desk). Gayathri helps with quick questions, accepts petitions, answers questions about transfer course equivalencies, and checks people in for walk-ins with department advisors.

Kelly Guerriero, Undergraduate/Graduate Advisor, is at APM 7408. Kelly meets with students during posted Walk-in hours to discuss questions pertaining to Math major requirements, double-majoring, re-admittance, course planning, study abroad, the Department Honors Program, as well as other major-related questions. Before meeting with Kelly, please check in at the Front Desk.

Jeffrey Saikali, Undergraduate/Graduate Advisor, is at APM 7431. Jeffrey can provide sit-down advising on most undergraduate issues. You may also discuss choice of major, academic difficulties, careers in and out of academia, graduate school, internships, undergraduate research, and studying abroad. Before meeting with Jeffrey, please check in at the Front Desk.

Holly Proudfoot, Director of Instructional Support, is at APM 7409 (Front Desk). Holly handles all Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD) accommodations and questions pertaining to petitions, enrollment in classes and class scheduling, campus policies, and degree audits. Holly can also help with brief questions on requirements for the various mathematics majors.

Scott Rollans, Student Affairs Manager, is at APM 7402. Scott handles all issues with scheduling of classes, waitlist management, and students employed as tutors, graders, or teaching assistants.

Please make sure forms are fully completed, neat, and legible in advance of meeting with an advisor. Neatly put your full name of record, PID, major, and the current date on all documents.

For information on seeing us in person, please go to our In-Person Advising page.