(MA30) Mathematics-Computer Science B.S.

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(MA30) Mathematics-Computer Science B.S.
B.A. effective Fall 1998. B.S. effective Fall 2010.

Faculty advisors: Daniel KaneRayan Saab

This major gives mathematically minded students a specialization in theoretical computer science. It is not equivalent to an undergraduate degree in computer science nor is it meant to substitute for such. However, since computing applications often require a strong foundation in mathematics, this major could help to prepare someone to work in such a setting. (An internship could provide additional valuable training.) Course requirements include abstract algebra, statistics or probability, combinatorics, numerical analysis, and at least three of each of lower division and upper division courses in computer science. Up to 16 additional units of upper division coursework from approved course lists in mathematics and/or computer science are required.

Updates to the major

The following course substitutions have been approved by the Math-CS faculty and are awaiting final Senate review/approval for catalog posting:

  1. MATH 154 can substitute for MATH 184A in the Combinatorics requirement.
  2. MATH 171A and/or MATH 171B can count as List A electives.
  3. MATH 104A and/or MATH 104B can count as List B/C electives.
  4. MATH 187A and/or MATH 187B can count as List B/C electives.
  5. MATH 157 can count as a List B/C elective.
  6. CSE 110 can count as a List C elective.

If you would like any of these substitutions to count toward your major requirements, please notify us on the VAC and we’ll update your degree audit.