Minor in Mathematics

Minor in Mathematics (MA29)

The few rules for earning a Minor in Mathematics are stated in the UC San Diego General Catalog under the heading “Minor in Mathematics”. The general campus procedure for choosing a minor is stated here.

Unlike majoring in mathematics, which has an screening process because the Department is capped, no screening is needed to minor in mathematics.

It is possible to earn the Minor in Mathematics with as few as 4 upper division mathematics courses. This is only one third of the minimum 12 upper division courses in the subject that is required by those whose major is in the Department of Mathematics. If your major is closely related to mathematics, then mathematics as a minor may be a good supplement.

If you choose to minor in mathematics to give you a greater foundation in the subject, then taking an entire sequence or two is recommended.

With instructor approval through the EASystem and submission of an Undergraduate Student Petition (obtainable here), you can also take mathematics graduate courses and have them applied toward the requirements of a mathematics minor.