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Hans Wenzl
Department of Mathematics
University of California at San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0112


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Preprints/recent papers:

Fusion symmetric spaces and subfactors pdf-file,

Subfactors from braided C* tensor categories , joint work with Juliana Erlijman pdf-file, 35 pages,

Coxeter construction for Hecke algebras pdf-file, 11 pages,

Restriction coefficients for classical groups, pdf-file, 13 pages,

Survey on my recent research and publication list,

On braided tensor categories of type BCD, joint work with Imre Tuba, pdf-file, 33 pages,

Appendix to Michael Freedman's paper `A magnetic model with a possible Chern-Simons phase, joint work with Fred Goodman, pdf-file, Comm. Math Phys. 2003; for the whole paper see A magnetic model with possible Chern-Simons phase

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MATH 142B: Introduction to Analysis II, Winter 2016:

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Math 142B: Introduction to Analysis II

MATH 103A: Modern Algebra, Winter 2019:

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Math 103A: Modern Algebra

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